As an artist at heart, wife, and mother Iíve been able to enjoy many different blends of  art forms, ranging from photography, interior design, oil painting,, sketching,  rag wall sculpturing , flower design ,and makeup artistry. All forms have to do with shading and bringing out the natural beauty in a subject. 

Photography was introduced to me in the world of dentistry. Helping a person smile again through smile design created by an excellent dentist {Dr. Erich Herber] has been a very fulfilling experience for me. Capturing patients beautiful smile in a portrait has been very rewarding. 

Photography has become a very large part of my life, capturing a moment that canít be replaced....... 

Wedding photography has been my main focus. I enjoy the emotions of the day. The expressions, smiles candle lit moments, laughter and tears all to be cherished for a lifetime.

 I simply enjoy what I do.

Sharyn Harbison

Exclusive Image Studios